The Power of Community

I’ve been doing lots of research on a number of topics lately and the video below highlights a couple of them. Can you imagine pushing your best friend in a wheelchair for 500 miles over mountains, through valleys, across rivers and in the rain?

That’s what these men did. By faith and through community all because of love.


And if this doesn’t touch your heart then get an emergency room right away because you may not have one!

The Power of Community

A Sign of My Time

We often use the phrase “sign of the times” to point out that something is representative of how things are going in our culture or the world. Well this post isn’t about the world or even the American culture really.

It’s about a sign of my time. I just found out that Steve Miller turns 70 years old today! I kinda freaked out because I can’t believe he could be that old, or that he’s only about eight years older than I am!

For the unenlightened out there, Steve Miller is a rock musician from the 60’s forward. He’s best known for his later work, but personally I like his early stuff best, with a few exceptions.

Here’s two of the best of  his early stuff. This put him on the map and I just bought some of his stuff on Amazon and am enjoying it right now! So sit back, relax, and join me for a journey back into the 1960’s when music was cool and we were in the process of unleashing a wave of change that would forever alter our culture in ways both good and bad (lots of bad actually but then what’s what happens when men try to change apart from God isn’t it?).

A Sign of My Time

Remembering Leroy Garrett

LeroyGarrettI heard this afternoon that Leroy Garrett has just passed away. I know most of you have probably never heard of him and more’s the pity. He was an author, teacher and thinker who devoted much of his life and ministry to bring grace and unity to the church. If you want to learn more try his website here.

Years ago I used to subscribed to the little magazine he put out. I remember my Dad and I loved him and used to enjoy discussing his articles. Over time it seemed to me he changed on some issues and gradually I found myself disagreeing with him more and more on certain issues.

By saying this I do not intend to criticize him at all. Because in the midst of my disagreements with him I never lost the love and respect I had for him. It’s a beautiful thing that a man who sought unity in the Body of Christ lived and promoted his views in such a way that he maintained unity.

I picked up some of his 99 cent e-books today and am looking forward to reading them. Whether or not I agree with everything he wrote isn’t the point. Learning and questioning and enjoying watching a brilliant mind at work is.

God bless you Leroy as I know you are with Him in heaven. I only hope that your honest, strong yet graceful and loving spirit of respectful debate can spread. Not only in the church where it’s needed but in the American culture where it’s needed as never before.

I hope my life will become more like his and that I will continue to grow deeper in my faith as I age.

Hail and farewell Leroy Garrett!

Remembering Leroy Garrett