Order of Battle: Pacific – U.S. Marines

My friends at Matrix Games have just released an add on to a game they put out last year, Order of Battle Pacific. I didn’t buy that one, but when I heard they had released a scenario add one called U.S. Marines well I had to give it a try.

So I asked those wonderful Matrix folks and they send me the add on free. Unfortunately I forgot that I had to have the game to play the add on and the game costs quite a bit more of course! Well I bought the game so I could keep my word and review the game.

Below is the first of several videos I’ll be releasing on the first battle of U.S. Marines which covers the invasion of Tulagi. Enjoy – if possible!

Order of Battle: Pacific – U.S. Marines

Really Science? Really?

I know that now days we are all but obsessed with doing “studies” on everything, but this one really takes the cake! The entire brief article sums up a study aimed at finding out if viewing pornography has a negative effect on religious behavior.

Here’s the money quote (sorry, I couldn’t resist!):

Findings suggest that viewing pornography may lead to declines in some dimensions of religiosity but at more extreme levels may actually stimulate, or at least be conducive to, greater religiosity along other dimensions.

So what this is saying is that when someone starts using porn it has a damaging effect upon their spiritual beliefs and causes doubt etc. But once you are really hooked on it, obsessed with it and find out that like all addictions you can’t stop it prayer picks back up again.

Gee wiz fellas, did we really need a study to tell us what anyone with a brain could have figured out for themselves?



Really Science? Really?