From the Top to the Bottom & Back to the Top Again – Grand Canyon May, 2016

Here’s all the pictures I took on my one day hike down the South Kaibab Trail and then back up Bright Angel Trail. It was quite a trip – about 11 1/2 hours hiking. Totally exhausting and totally worth it.

Just a bit of sound track at the start and then you can listen to whatever you’d like too.

I hope you enjoy.

From the Top to the Bottom & Back to the Top Again – Grand Canyon May, 2016

My Camino – Sept. 2016

Well I’ve finally gotten around to doing a long form video of my time on the Camino de Santiago this past September. I’ve been wanting to put something out but just never got to it – as usual!

So, I threw all the pictures into Corel’s quick video maker and then did a bit of editing and put some titles in to help make sense of it. I also took out the soundtrack because I didn’t like it and didn’t really have time to find music that YouTube would be okay with.

So now you can provide your own soundtrack but you might want to get really comfortable and have a snack on hand because this is LOOOONG! 55 minutes long! Happily you can pause it anytime you desire.

My thanks to all the souls I met along the way. Whether we spent much time together or not it was interesting to meet so many from all over the world, including Phoenix! And a special thanks to those who traveled with me for days at a time. I’ll never forget some of you that’s for sure.

Hope you enjoy!

My Camino – Sept. 2016

A Bit of Audio From Dad’s Book

I haven’t been putting up anything here about my gaming because I know most aren’t interested. However below you’ll find my latest video embedded because of a computer glitch and what followed.

My little laptop has been having trouble with my video recording of late. Not sure what’s going on and I hope it’s not reaching the point where I’ll need to get a new one! Yuck on that!

I’m playing a scenario the US Marine invasion and liberation of Guam. My father was a part of that battle and writes about it in his book, Once A Raider. So when the audio of the first eight or nine minutes of the video was completely unacceptable I decided to delete that part and do a voice over.

Instead of just rambling about the game I chose to read a couple of excerpts Dad wrote about his experience in the first day and evening of the battle. He played an important role in that battle for Hill 40.

If you’d like to hear a little bit about that you can listen below. If you’d like to check out the book on Amazon just click here.

A Bit of Audio From Dad’s Book