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I cut the first promo today for a new short form radio show that I’ve been asked to do on our local station KLPZ, 1380 AM. Here’s a bit about it:

In the Arabian Nights Tahir Shah said, “Stories are a communal currency of humanity,” and he was right of course.  In “Tales From the Scrypt.” starting on September 22nd I’ll be sharing stories taken directly from the Bible, the source of the greatest true stories ever told, every week. They’ll be dramatized yet remain true to the Scriptures so you’ll be drawn into these stories that illustrate the truth about life, humanity and eternity itself. You’ll hear stories from both Testaments, stories that Jesus, the Master Teacher told, and maybe some stories that you didn’t know were in there.  So please join me every Thursday morning on KLPZ at 9:30 AM for Tales From the Scrypt, “Stories You Can Believe In.”

You can listen online if you’d like too at www.klpz1380.com at 9:30 AM Arizona time. Just remember Arizona Time is like unto God in one way – it doesn’t change. No jumping forward or falling back around here!

I’d like to thank my friend Meredith for the title and my friend Keith for an idea that helped me come up with the tag line. These will be short (& hopefully sweet) little bits of truth and wisdom from the Scriptures, hopefully everyone will benefit from them.

So, what are you favorite Bible Stories? Do you have some that you’d like to hear adapted and presented on Tale From the Scrypt? If so let me know ok?

God bless and I’ll see you on the radio soon!




Tales From the Scrypt!

Really Science? Really?

I know that now days we are all but obsessed with doing “studies” on everything, but this one really takes the cake! The entire brief article sums up a study aimed at finding out if viewing pornography has a negative effect on religious behavior.

Here’s the money quote (sorry, I couldn’t resist!):

Findings suggest that viewing pornography may lead to declines in some dimensions of religiosity but at more extreme levels may actually stimulate, or at least be conducive to, greater religiosity along other dimensions.

So what this is saying is that when someone starts using porn it has a damaging effect upon their spiritual beliefs and causes doubt etc. But once you are really hooked on it, obsessed with it and find out that like all addictions you can’t stop it prayer picks back up again.

Gee wiz fellas, did we really need a study to tell us what anyone with a brain could have figured out for themselves?



Really Science? Really?

Auschwitz Liberated 70 Years Ago

Watch this moving BBC video of how the camp looks today. As you watch remember that the Nazi attempt at genocide wasn’t the last one. It’s been repeated in Cambodia and Uganda and other places since then.

Never again? No, again and again and again until the human heart is changed. I believe that only comes through Christ. This is a sober and needed reminder to our age of people trying to shut out all opposing voices just where that kind of fanaticism leads.

The camps. Remember the camps and realize they can return again. Even here. Even here in America if we aren’t always vigilant to maintain our freedom.

Auschwitz Liberated 70 Years Ago

Remembering MLK At Work

I’m remembering Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. today just like I always do, by doing ministry. That’s what I’ve been called to do so today I’ll just keep trying to bring more light into a very dark world. Given how he lived his life I’m pretty sure Dr. King would much rather we do that than take another day to goof off and entertain ourselves.


I’m actually old enough to remember Dr. King. Of course I never saw him in person or spoke to him, but I did see him on the TV. Even through that medium you could feel the impact of his personality and faith. I remembering hearing part of his “I Have a Dream Speech” and even at that age being moved.

He wasn’t perfect. Far from it in fact as we now know. But no one’s perfect and his lack of perfection doesn’t in anyway diminish what he tried to do. 

Sadly today we’ve wandered far from what he spoke of. Instead of ignoring color and focusing on the “content of our character” we are move focused on race, color and creed than ever before. Most of those who tried to take up Dr. King’s mantle of leadership have either failed to understand him or just aren’t listening. So we focus on race and then wonder why racial tension is rising?

The answer is obvious and I believe Dr. King would have called us out on it if he were still here. You become what you focus on. By focusing on our differences we only divide ourselves from ourselves. This Greek Tragedy that’s being played out today in America doesn’t have to happen. If we’d only listen to the prophetic voice of Dr. King we could still find that promised land he spoke of at the end of his life.


If only…  

Rest in Peace Dr. King. God willing we’ll still find our way to the Land you now inhabit. Amen. 


Remembering MLK At Work

Assisted Suicide?

I just read a very moving and well written article over at HotAir that I found touching and puzzling at the same time. 

In the course of this article he talks about his father suicide and how it changed his mother for the rest of her life after she found his body. He believes he’s going to end up like his mom with Alzheimer’s disease and has vowed he won’t die like she did.

Having seen my own mother go that route a few years ago I completely understand his not wanting to die that way. I sure don’t. Yet as a Christian I’m a firm opponent of suicide and know from personal experience how it devastates the survivors. So I can see a little of each side here.

But here’s my big question when it comes to this very personal issue: Why do the proponents of assisted suicide need the approval and cooperation of everyone else in society to do this?

If you want to die it’s not that hard to do. Why do you insist that everyone else not just approve your choice but actually help you do it?   We’re told how personal and painful this is – and I agree with that – but then we’re told we have to be “compassionate” and agree with those choosing to do this and even help them do it (by changing the laws in many states, etc.).

If it’s so personal why do you need my approval? Just do it and shut up about it. I can’t stop you. In the end we’ll all stand before God and answer for what we’ve done and haven’t done. So why do you insist I abandon my own beliefs and morality and approve your own?

If this is what you really want then do it and leave me and the rest of society out of it. I’m not going to approve of suicide even in the rare occasions when I understand why it was done. However I’m also not going to try and run your life for you either.

This is one place where the old traditional American culture of the “rugged individual” would come in handy. Everyone gets to make their choices and then has to live (or in this case not live) with the results.  

What you choose to do it up to you. God gave you free will so use it. But leave me out of it and leave the laws alone. I don’t want my tax dollars going towards something I find offensive and in certain cases evil. 

Bottom Line: Do what you want just leave me alone and I’ll do the same for you.

Assisted Suicide?

What A Weekend!

I’ve just finishing up one of the busiest weekends I’ve had a in a while. More important than that it was also one of the most significant as we begin breaking new ground for CCR and developing a clearer idea of who Jesus wants us to be.

It started for me on Saturday morning with the 5 K walk against Domestic violence I participated in. I ended up walking 8.5 miles because after walking to the starting point – The Bar I then walked up to La Paz County Park and then turned around and walked back home.

I got home at noon and after a short break was back at the church building for our first Fall Festival. Attendance wasn’t all that great, but we did touch a few people and I was home around 8:30 or so.

CCR's Positioning Statement
CCR’s Positioning Statement

Sunday dawned early for me as I woke up around 4:30. too stoked to sleep perhaps? After a long week of hard work the day arrived for not just a new sermon series, but an entire series of new things to roll out. Including in this was our new logo, new purpose statement and positioning statement (motto, tag line), new T-Shirts and best of all, our motto on one wall in the sanctuary that just looks fantastic!

Then I preached my first ever “tag-team” sermon. If you’ve never heard or seen that, it’s more than one person preaching one unified message. In this case Amy (my Associate Pastor) and I had all week on a message. I started it out, she did the middle and I wrapped it up.

It was pretty nerve wracking for me, but I think it went very well and Amy did a fantastic job as always.

Then after a quick lunch and change of clothes it was off to town for the wrap up of Red

CCR Positioning Statement
CCR Positioning Statement

Ribbon Week with Family Fun Day! We gave away a bike, had games set up etc.  and were part of a huge event with other church’s and community groups, schools, etc.

Got home from that around 5 PM, updated the church website and had one call to make. Now I’m writing this up and then I’ll be done!!!


Now tomorrow it all starts again as we get ready for CCR Refocus week two and more big changes and new stuff coming your way. Including one (here’s the only hint you get) that’ll be evident to all of you on the internet.

New CCR T-Shirt
New CCR T-Shirt
Amy running one of our games at the Park
Amy running one of our games at the Park

With that I wish you all a good night and I’ll see you later.

What A Weekend!


A few weeks ago I did a Communion Meditation and thought I’d write it out for the blog. By the way, this blog was not inspired by Spock’s mind meld with McCoy in Star Trek II the Wrath of Khan, but it might have been!

On the night he was betrayed Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper, here’s part of what he told us about it: In the same way also he took the cup, after supper, saying, “This cup is the new covenant in my blood. Do this, as often as you drink it, in remembrance of me.” 1 Cor. 11:25 (ESV)

We are to partake of this supper in remembrance of Jesus and all he did for us on the cross. If you look through Scripture you’ll find many commands about us remembering what God has said to us. Remember the Sabbath Day for one, and there are lots of others.

Remember-the-MaineThrough out history we are called upon to remember. From remember the Alamo to in a generation or two remember the Maine then another generation or two later it was remember Pearl Harbor. Today we are encouraged to remember what happened 14 years ago on 9/11.

Remember, we are always being encouraged and commanded to remember. Why?

Not because it’s likely we’ll actually the fact that our country was attacked on 9/11; or that Christians would forget what Jesus has done for us on the cross. As bad as our memories may be they aren’t that bad!

We are commanded to remember because we functionally forget about these things. Sure Christians believe in the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. We believe we are saved by grace and are in constant need of the grace, love and power of Jesus. But in the stress of all we do everyday and because of our ever present human ego, instead of turning to Christ we turn to ourselves. Instead of listening to the unchanging wisdom of God’s Word instead we are seduced to rely upon the ephemeral and fickle wisdom of the world.

So, to use the old phrase, I believe in God but I live like an atheist. That’s what I call functional forgetfulness. We know the facts but we fail to apply them. Instead of putting our faith into action we fall back upon our old nature and all the sin and failure that awaits us there.

Historically people and states do exactly the same thing. We know what has happened yet somehow to set that aside and follow the same old rhetoric that leads us to the same old failure.

So today, let us remember Jesus, walk with him every moment, and always seek to remember.