So Long For Now Rick Elias

Most of you have probably never heard of Rick Elias. If you were into Contemporary Christian Music in the 1990’s then you probably did, otherwise probably not.

Back then I was volunteering as a DJ on our local Christian station playing Christian Rock, Rap and Metal music on Friday nights. Along with my friend Keith we had lots of fun and were blessed to interview many of the artists by phone.

We also went to a Margaret Becker concert in Phoenix and that’s where we heard Rick’s wife Linda sing and go to very briefly chat with Rick afterwards.  I was a big fan of his music, especially his first album “Confession of Love.” It was amazing and I still love listening to it today.

I listened to several songs right before I taught Bible Study tonight because I saw online that Rick had died of cancer. It made me sad, and I’m still bummed to know that his voice has been stilled. But I’m grateful he can make all the music he wants now in the presence of his Lord.

I’m embedding a couple of his songs below for those of you who haven’t heard them. Take a few minutes and give a listen, you won’t be disappointed.

So Long For Now Rick Elias