Tube Float Discipleship & No Safe Spaces

How can churches get involved in their communities and not come across as horrible and judgmental people? Do you know the ancient spiritual roots of the Safe Spaces we hear so much about today? And did you know these two things are connected? All that and more on today’s show!
Episode 9

Tube Float Discipleship & No Safe Spaces

Disciple Up Is Born!


What you see to the left is the new logo of my brand new website and podcast – Disciple Up!

I’m launching it today and am excited about this new avenue of ministry. I’ve been thinking about doing a podcast for about a year and a half now. It’s taken far longer than I had wanted it too but it has arrived at last.

Disciple Up is a Christian podcast devoted to helping empower disciples, to help believers learn how to think biblically, live biblically and to follow Jesus in a way that both honors him and reaches the lost and hurting world around us.

These are not sermons. If you want sermons go to the CCR page and there’s a ton of them there for you to listen too. Rather this is teaching in what I hope is a discussion type tone. I’m having fun and hope you will as well.

There are several segments in the show including the Disciple Up Low Down which, unlike the rest of the show, is a fully scripted editorial on that show’s topic. Since it is fully scripted I’ll be posting the scripts here on the blog for you to read.

If you don’t know what a podcast is or how to use one here’s a few tips:

  1. Think downloadable or streaming internet radio (not the best example but close enough.).
  2. Just go to Disciple, scroll down a bit and click the play button on any of the five episodes available.
  3. See below for how to subscribe in iTunes or on Google play if you’d like too. I, like all podcasters, how you will.
  4. Check out the Disciple Up Facebook page, like it, share it, etc. 

Pray for the show and me as well, and let me know what you think either on the Facebook page or at


Disciple Up Is Born!