2018 Camino – Backpack Contents & Weigh-In

Okay everyone, here’s the backpack and everything in it and how much it weighs. I have decided to carry it on (if allowed and I should be as it’s the correct size) at least for the trip over. On the trip back I may check the backpack depending on how I’m feeling.


2018 Camino – Backpack Contents & Weigh-In

What Is the Camino?

As some of you know I’m leaving in less than a week to finish my camino. Two years ago I hiked the first 200 miles of the Camino de Santiago, ending my trip in Burgos. This year I’ll fly into Madrid, take a bus to Burgos, and hit the trail from there.

The Camino is an ancient pilgrimage route across northern Spain. See the map below:


As you can see there are many different caminos. But the main one is listed as number one on the map. It is called the Way of St. James and begins in St. Jean in France and ends in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. This is the route most people are referring too when they talk about the Camino. Here’s a close up:

Camino Close up

I’ll be starting in Burgos and walking across what is called the Meseta which is largely flat and sparsely populated, into the mountains of Galacia and then on to Santiago and the official end of the Camino at the Cathedral there. Then I’ll go on to Finisterre, which you can see on the map. Finisterre means end of the world, and I want to walk all the way to the end of the world and dip my toes in the Atlantic Ocean.

You can download my schedule here and be part of my Prayer Pilgrimage by sending me your prayer concerns.

Here’s a few links for you to check out if you’d like too:



Here’s a short video I did of my 2016 Camino:

There’s a ton of information online about the Camino, hope this helps gets you familiar with where I’m going and what I’ll be doing.

What Is the Camino?

Starting Over

Me hiking 11-18-17

Yep, I’m starting over. Not quite from the very beginning but pretty close. After missing my planned hike on the Arizona Trail due to sky high blood pressure I’m nearly back to where I started.

About 3 years ago I started hiking and losing weight. It culminated in 2016 by hiking in and out of the Grand Canyon in one day, and then hiking the first 200 miles of the Camino.  What amazing experiences. I came home firmly focused on doing more long range hikes.

But my blood pressure intervened and after a more than a three month battle it’s almost back where it should be.  However having to take all that time off has taken it’s toll. I’ve gained mucho weight and my hiking stamina is waaaaaay down!

I just got in from walking 2.47 miles in the desert. It took longer than it should have, but I managed to finish without being totally exhausted. So that’s a good sign. When I starting hiking a few years ago I couldn’t even do two miles, and was wiped out in the effort. So I’ve lost lots of ground but I’m still better off than when I started.

For all of that I’m grateful. I’ll be 65 by the end of the year and am also grateful I’m able to do what I can do at this age. I am also determined to get back what I lost and get back to where I want and need to be.

So yes, I’m starting over, by the grace of God, and am looking forward to where this new road will take me. Will I finally get to the Arizona Trail?

Stay tuned…film when I get it!!



Starting Over

Camino 2016 Day 5

It is said that all ttue pilgramages must be,at least in part,  painful.  If that’s true then this one is proceeding right on schedule. 

My legs were weak today and my feet continted to hurt only more than yesterday. 

It was a tough day.  Walked right by something I really wanted to see in the dark around 7 AM.

Today was an endless succession of hills, hills,  hills. Since the Spanish don’t seem to know what a switchback is,  you go straight up and straight down.  Most of them very step. 

We made it to one town with no place to stay. Next town didn’t either,  so another mile,  mostly uphill,  and we found a stop for tonight. 

Given my fatigue I didn’t use the phone much, but here you go. 

Here’s the famous free wine fountain, I didn’t drink the wine but some Aquarius  I bought from a vending machine you can’t see. It won’t upload, try again larer.

Camino 2016 Day 5

Camino 2016 Day 2

Today we walk a little less far than I had planned.  BUT as sore as my legs are that’s ok. 

The walk was basicly several hills with fairly steep uphill and very steep down hill sections.  Hotter today than yesterday and that didn’t help either. We walked for about 8 hours.

Here’s a few pictures. 

Camino 2016 Day 2